♣Wooden photo album box (Prints 5*7 inch) ♠

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Want to store your photography work in a beautifully designed and personalized bundle, specifically designed for 5*7 inch picture

Discover our custom-made wedding USB case, to store your USBs. For photographers who want a unique product, with the possibility of storing standard prints in 13x18 cm. Give your clients an all-in-one box, with the wooden box, the most beautiful photos of the wedding inside and the USB key with all the data. 

  • Make every photography project extra special with this Large Wooden USB Wedding package.

    USB 3.0 available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB

    quality usb High quality USB

    eco friendly wood usb Eco-friendly maple/walnut wood

    free laser usb Free laser engraving (no color rendering) or color printing on wood (with color rendering), no minimum order

    video tuto usb A Video tutorial to help you create your logo

  • Here are more reasons to love this Large Wooden BOX USB bundle:

    usb weight Wood and glass USB stick weighs 40g

    storage usb Storage box measures 255mm x 155mm x 35mm

    usb handmade wood 100% handmade

    Show your clients how much you care. Check out this Large BOX USB Wedding now!

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    We are a French brand based in France. The USB stick, however, is manufactured in our workshop located in Asia.

    Our original  French website : https://forestusb.com/

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