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by Wedding USB January 19, 2020

Create wedding photo packages that sell

When you start out as a photographer, there is one question that remains unanswered for a long time: How to create wedding photo packages that sell. This is a very important point right from the start. The price is also part of the photographer's choice. In wedding photography, it is even often the only criterion because few people consider the photographer's work as a real job and underestimate the value of the images that are delivered when it is what will really remain of their most beautiful day of their lives (waiting for the next one). So you need to find ways to stimulate your visitors, through the quality of your work, the way you present yourself, but also through the clarity of your packages and rates.


Beware, this does not mean that you have to be the cheapest on the market. But the photographer who offers the best choice. Even if you are more expensive than the competition, offering a package that makes you accessible will make you cheaper than the others because of better quality. It's not for nothing that Apple sells so many phones ...


What the client wants

To find out how to create photo packages that sell your services should consist only of useful options and clear pricing. So it's important to know what your customers want so you can compose packages that are easier to choose from.


This doesn't mean that you can't offer products that don't sell often, but you'll need to be able to explain why you think it's vital. Let's take the example of the after day. Few customers feel it is necessary to take photos of the couple in their wedding outfit a few days after the wedding. But after arguing about the importance of such a session and explaining that it is the only way to be able to take pictures of them in good conditions and that they will be the most beautiful, they choose the package that contains this option or take it in addition.


When creating your packages, you must be able to argue the choice of each option ... useful.

This first approach is very important because if you add a bunch of options to your packages that people don't want, you will have to deal with requests about the possibility to withdraw or exchange with something else. This is a waste of energy and very often in this type of negotiation everyone loses out.


If you really want to add as many options as possible, I suggest you sell them outside your packages and explain why you think they should be added. I often take the example of the car dealer. You always have a choice between the car with no options, which no one takes. The high-end car that is aimed at the rich clientele who want to treat themselves or just because the price is high. And you have the car in the middle, with just the options you need for your comfort and pleasure. This is the model that will be the best selling. And if you want one or two options that are on the top of the line, you can add it separately.


I think you're starting to get the point I'm trying to make...

Creating photo packages that sell is to stimulate sales towards a single package and to add options afterwards. And don't forget to include,the perfect USB box with your service, wooden USB here, crystal USB here, or cardbox USB here


How to present your packages

All too often we see pages of tariffs cluttered with a bunch of words and options that repeat themselves one after the other to such an extent that we no longer know what the value of each service offered is. This is very bad for your business.


Customers need to see right away which service to choose and at what price. And, if useful, what other options to add. For example, here are two ways to present your packages. The good and the bad. No need to ask which presentation you prefer. (Don't take into account the prices ...)


Wedding photos on usb key

What not to do:


option 1 + option 2 + option 3



option 1 + option 2 + option 3 + option 4



option 1 + option 2 + option 4



option 2 + option 3 + option 4



option 1 + option 3 + option 4



What you need to do:

All of my packages include delivery of the HD images on CDs

An online gallery to see the photos

Two prints



option 1 + option 2

1 500$


option 1 + option 2 + option 3

2 200$


Full option

2 900$


Offering three packages is often the best choice.

Start with a brief description of your overall service, which all your customers will get regardless of the package they choose, such as delivery of high definition photos on a digital medium, online gallery, etc.


Based on the principle explained above, you have understood that very few people will choose the "low rate" package and the "high rate" package. Like everyone else, and me first, people will choose the intermediate package which is in the middle and offers the best compromise. The rest is optional.


The value of this intermediate package is relative, because the other two packages make it the most attractive. That's called the anchor effect in marketing jargon, and it's always worked for any product.


Of course, don't exaggerate on prices by putting your first package at 100 euros and the most expensive at 10,000 euros. All you need is a small margin to make it stimulating enough. On this point, it is the options that will make the difference. Another concrete example, take a look at phone packages, you can be sure that the cheapest package does not offer enough data to surf the internet in 4G, the third one offers too much while the central one, the one you are going to take, gives you exactly what you need. And in the worst case, you can always take an option that will allow you to adjust your package to be closer to the third one. Basically it gives you a package at 14$, another one at 39$ and the middle one at 24$. Guess which package is the most sold?


It's great, incredibly simple and efficient, don't you think?


If you want to add an extra package, make sure that your second and third proposals are the most attractive. But don't go beyond 4 packages.


Here's how to create wedding photo packages that sell:

Your first package, the smallest, should be very basic with a minimum amount of work. This way, it is still interesting for you because it does not require a lot of energy and will most often be used to complete your calendar. Moreover, this package must oblige your customer to add an option and if he wants to add two, it will be more interesting for him to take your second package ... It is a bit of a headache at the beginning to calculate, but it is very efficient this way.


As for the top-of-the-range package, offer the whole package, i.e. the whole day of cake preparation with a top-of-the-range book and a commitment session, a canvas print ... At best, you will sell it once or twice a year. Anyway, this package must also redirect to the middle one.


Your intermediate package should therefore include what is really necessary in the eyes of your potential clients to cover their wedding, which includes the ceremony, the cocktail and the early evening for example. A print run or an entry-level album. The options that you will need to sell at the interviews are the engagement, the after day, your high-end album etc. It must also suit you in terms of working hours.


This is by way of example, it is up to you to find a way to do this with your packages while making sure that you don't do less on your big package and more than your lower package so that your intermediate package is the most attractive. And this, regardless of your rates. Remember, cheap doesn't mean low price... but better choice!


So, I hope this article will help you create wedding photo packages that sell. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask for comments. It will be my pleasure to answer them.

Wedding USB
Wedding USB


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